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Since January 2011, I have had 1,278 rejections. That’s a lot of nos. You would think that after my 1200th rejection, I would a) get some sort of trophy, or b) reconsider if writing was really my “thing.” But alas, nope—no need to reconsider anything. I love writing too much to quit it. Plus, I’m resilient and persistent. Or maybe I’m just absurdly stubborn—which is true. I have 1,278 rejection letters to prove this to you.

Each rejection cleared the way for a different route through the maze towards publication. Each rejection just meant that I was at least one more submission closer to finding the right home for my writing.

~ From Chelsey's monthly column (11/2016) on WOW! Women on Writing, "The Sub(mission)"


(Prepare yourself for the abridged list of Chelsey's 150+ publications)

(If you would like a complete list, please contact me)



BodyHome, Hopewell Publications (2015)

Circadian, Red Hen Press (Fall 2017)



"A Message for Writers from an Editor: We Love You," Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays. Ed. Windy Harris. Writer's Digest, 2017.

“Hands.” Queering Sexual Violence. 2016.

"Ear Muffs for Muff Diving," The V-Word, Edited by Amber Keyser, Simon & Schuster, 2016.


Lyric/Hybrid Essays

"June Bugs." Foliate Oak Magazine. January 2019.

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"Then She Flew Away." (Reprint) One Person's Trash. May 2017.

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"Twenty-six Junctures of How I am a Part of You." Best New Writing. Fall 2015. ***Winner of the Eric Hoffer Prose Award***

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"Mother Tongue." Black Warrior Review, April 2015. ***2nd Place for the 2014 Nonfiction Contest***

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“Grasp.” Spittoon. Spring 2012

 “Objects of Desire.” THIS Literary Magazine. January 2012



"Well that was Awkward as Fuck." The Flexible Persona. September 2017.

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“Hands.” SN Review. Spring 2012

“Scaffolding.” The Prompt. Spring 2012

“On Ecstasy.” Sleet. Spring 2012

“Stature of Her Story.” Emerge Literary Journal. Winter 2012


Craft Essays & Submission Column

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"Writing Contests: You Have Nothing to Lose." Wow! Women on Writing. July 2017.

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"The Business of Publishing." Microcosm blog, January 2016.

"Respect the Comma-Maker." The Review Review, August, 2015.

"A Message for Writers from Editors: We Love You." The Review Review. May 2015.

"On Revision: Cut It Out." April 2015.

"Top 5 Questions to Bring Out an Editor's Sassy Side." The Review Review. January 2015

"A Call to Get Organized!" The Review Review. January 2015

"Sound It Out." The Review Review. February 2015.



"Vaginatarian." Quaint Magazine. August 2014

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